Friday, October 19, 2007

Affiliate Incubator Blowout

What an amazing last couple of days it's been, folks! I just got home from day 2 of the Affiliate Incubator seminar being hosted by Russell Brunson and Stu McLaren. and I've had the pleasure of meeting and learning from some of the top guys in the field - Anik Singal, Jermaine Griggs, Rick Raddatz, Nick Marks, Gary Ambrose, and of course Russ and Stu.

Yesterday's first presentation was given by Russ and Stu and was called 'The 24 hour affiliate'. I'll be releasing tidbits of information from this presentation soon, so stay tuned. I can tell you this: step 1 is mental preparation - focusing on your goal. If you're a newbie, that goal is your first sale. Once you've made that, you've overcome the biggest internal hurdle most of us have a beginners - the belief that you can't make money online.

Anik Singal presented next, and gave a great overview of the steps to making money in online niches, various types of money-making sites, and different ways of profiting from your website traffic. For example - did you know that you can make money from simply gathering a zip code from your viewers? Or over $1.50 per name and email address? CPL - or Cost Per Lead - is a great way of making money online. I'll be talking more about it on this blog soon so stay tuned.

Jermaine Griggs' presentation just blew me away. Jermaine is a 24 year old self-made Internet millionaire who made his money in a pretty tight niche - how to learn to play the piano by ear. He started the company when he was 18, and he's now one of the most respected Internet marketers around. He emphasized creating personalized responder and marketing processes in conjunction with personalized follow up over phone as well as mail in order to drive repeat sales.

Russell's presentation focused on the creation of a company focused around the marketing of tiered products in order to drive back-end sales. I also got some nice formulas for ways to effectively pre-qualifying people who sign up on your lists as potential buyers. More on that later...

My next post will cover highlights from day 2 of the seminar, so stay tuned.

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