Sunday, October 21, 2007

Let your Users Create Content and Have Them Work for You

Are you starting to run out of ideas about what to write on your blog? Don't know what else to put in your newsletter? An easy solution is to let your readers create the content for you. There are several effective methods of driving your base to generate content for you:

Surveys are an effective way to generate content, especially if people have some method of recording text feedback as well. To use this technique, survey your base about some important issue in your niche. Then, use their results and text comments to generate an article for your site.

Add some forums to your website and seed them with some important questions and issues in your niche. The comments that are generated by your base is effectively generating unique, relevant content for you.

Never underestimate the power of asking your base for content contributions. Simply post a message about it on your front page, and broadcast a solicitation for contributions to your email list. This is surprisingly effective - people love to be heard, and are often happy to create intelligent content for the opportunity to be published.

Article Comments
By adding a comment system to your static content, you provide the ability for your users to provide their feedback. There is a way to do this that is completely free and requires absolutely no coding whatsoever. go to for more information.

By using one or more of these techniques, it is possible to provide continuously growing and relevant content very quickly, thereby increasing your relevance with search engines, and your website's value to your visitors.

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