Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SEO Elite Video Training - Project 1

Welcome to my SEO Elite Video Training Series. This entry deals with Project 1 in SEO Elite - Analyze backlinks.

If you haven't yet purchased SEO Elite because you're not quite sure how to use it, I hope this set of videos helps. I will be releasing a set of videos over the next few days that covers ALL of SEO elite in detail.

I am making a very special offer to those that purchase SEO Elite through me - if you purchase SEO Elite from me between now and Dec 31st, 2007, I will give you a half hour of FREE consulting time!

I am an expert web designer and programmer, as well as an SEO expert, so my time is extremely valuable - I charge people $200 per hour for my services. So if you do buy from me, you're getting $100 of extra value from your purchase!

But hurry, this offer will not last! As I ramp up to start working on some of my own products, I simply won't have time to do this anymore, so take advantage of it now.

To find out more about my limited-time offer and how you can participate, please watch the videos below. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

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