Saturday, October 13, 2007

Write Articles to Promote your Website

Are you looking for an easy way to generate traffic to your website, increase your site's PR, and establish youself as an expert in your chosen niche? Then article-write your way to success!

Writing online articles is the best way to accomplish the three goals mentioned above in one fell swoop.

By posting articles online about your chosen niche, you quickly gain yourself some visibility as an expert in that niche.

Since most article directories will also allow you to post your website's URL at the end of the article, you'll get extra traffic from people clicking through to your site after reading your article.

You site's PR will also increase from the backlinks to your site. Make sure you link back to your site using your target keywords, if possible.

If your article is really good, others may post that article on their website - since the terms of use for these articles dictates that they must link to your site in the article, that's extra traffic and PR right there.

There are tons of article directories out there. Do a google search for 'article directory' and you'll see what I mean. One of the biggest and most popular ones that I've seen is eZineArticles, but you should do your own research to find the best ones for your niche.

If you're like me and you have many sites and many articles you need to submit to lots of article directories, you might want to think about getting some software that will help you automate the process. Here's a link to a dirt-cheap and very effective application called Article Submitter. It's eminently worth the money if you're looking to automate article submissions and save yourself tons of time.


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