Sunday, October 21, 2007

Use YouTube to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Website

One of the hottest ways to generate website traffic is by using viedeo sharing services such as YouTube to generate mindshare - and traffic - for your website. YouTube is a video sharing service that gets immense traffic, and you can get your video seen by a tremendous number of people, especially if you offer useful content such as video training or other edutainment.

A particularly effective method consists of creating simple, short 'how-to' videos that refer people back to your website. It's easy to create screencast videos using products like Camtasia. If you have any expertise with any software application, you can easily leverage that by creating a series of Camtasia videos that offer a how-to guide for doing something - for example, you could create a series of how-to videos for Photoshop, or Dreamweaver, or any other software application that you use regularly in your business.

Another possibility would be to create a series of website reviews. Simply fire up Camtasia, go to your favorite website, and create a 'virtual tour' of that website. You'd be surprised how many people will happily sit through a five minute video presentation of a website.

Once you've created your video, use a video editing tool to add a watermark to the bottom with your web site URL. Also, make sure to include your website URL in your YouTube posting.

This technique can also be used very effectively to directly market affiliate products. Simply create a domain name for your affiliate product, create a redirect from that domain to your affiliate link, and list your domain at the bottom of your video. If you're selling a software product, this works great if your video content is a training or informational video of your product.

Remember to leverage video in your marketing campaigns and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the power and effectiveness of using multimedia to reach your target audience.


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