Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Picking a keyword optimized domain name

Here's how to pick a domain name that, in combination with my other upcoming tips, will help you score high with search engines:

1. Pick your target niche. I will assume you've done this already - if not, look to my other blog posts for how to do that.

2. Go to your favorite keyword suggestor tool on the net. Here's a few I like:

The Overture Keyword Selector tool
The Google Adwords Keyword tool
The Digital Point Free Keyword Suggestion Tool. This one combines Wordtracker and Overture data

3. Enter in your keyword. Let's say your niche is parrots. So enter the keyword 'parrot' in the keyword suggestor. You'll get a result set ranked by hits - the google suggestor does not show you the number of hits, but the overture one does.

4.Now look at the list and look for a keyword combination that will best describe your site. In this example, our niche parrot site will contain a hefty helping of useful information, as well as push affiliate products via an eBay store and one or two selected parrot ebooks or clickbank/paydotcom products. There's a keyword combination 'pet parrot' that gets about 188 hits per day which should work nicely.

5. Do a domain availability search on the keyword combination. You might be tempted to add something else to the keywords - DON'T.

6. If your domain is available as a .com, you're in luck! Next best is .info, then .net/.org. Register it!

You've now got a domain which is made up of keywords from what people actually search for - which means that you'll get a few organic visits (visits from people who directly type in your url into their web browser), and once you've optimized the contents and layout of your site, will get your site indexed super-high by search engines!

For example, I have a site called Menopause Information. I just launched this site - it has no page rank at all, but I am already on page three of google's results for 'menopause information'. Not bad! And once I get some backlinks to it, I should climb up to page two soon.

Stay tuned for more information on how to optimize your web page layout and content for maximum SEO success!

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