Saturday, October 20, 2007

Repurposing for Success

Repurposing content is one of the Internet Marketer's most powerful weapons. By leveraging existing content, you can create new content to provide to your visitors to incentivize them to take an action you want them to. You can also repurpose content and create valuable bonuses for your subscribers or affiliate sales campaigns.

For example, here's a powerful repurposing technique: find a free eBook in your target niche. For a collection of free eBooks, go to Alternatively, invest in a set of higher-quality eBooks with resale rights and use those. Then, take each main section of the eBook and package it as a series of special reports to make available to your newsletter subscribers. Lastly, take each subpoint of the eBook and turn it into an article. All you have to do is re-write at least 40% of the copy, and you'll be able to post them as your own articles.

The power of this technique is obvious: by simply taking a single source of content, a free eBook, we were able to create a great marketing tool for our prospects, a new source of content for our website, and valuable articles we can use for article marketing.

Another powerful use of repurposed content is the creation of exclusive bonuses. Affiliate marketers will often use an exclusive bonus when promoting a product. For example, I offer a free half hour consultation if you purchase SEO Elite from me (simply purchase from the link and email me your receipt and I'll contact you.). Exclusive bonuses are a powerful incentive for a prospect to buy, and repurposed eBooks, subscriber area content, and repackaged elements of older products are an easy way to create valuable bonuses which will drive your prospects to purchase from you.

Experienced Internet Marketers are masters of leveraging effort, and one of the primary ways of doing that is by repurposing content. Even entire profitable new products have been created by repurposing. So, get into the habit of repurposing in order to save yourself time and effort and multiply your effectiveness.

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