Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Affilite Land Mines Membership Site Video Review

Check out my video review of Russell Brunson's Affiliate Land Mines membership site.

This membership site contains a series of products, updated monthly, which you can resell or give away as bonuses to your customers.

They also give you freebies with each product, which you can give away as incentives to buy, or do whatever you want with them. I give them away as freebies in my newsletter.

Each product is brandable with your own Affiliate id (you have to join Russell Brunson's affiliate program - it's free to join). When people click on affiliate links in the products (both the freebies and products you sell) and buy those products, YOU get the commission.

SO - the more products you sell and give away, the more money you make down the line... money now, and money later. Not a bad deal!

ONLY ON THIS PAGE - You can join Affiliate Land Mines now for only $1 for the first month ($19.95 per month thereafter). Click here to participate in this special offer!

To read more about giving away products as bonuses to increase your sales, read my blog post 'Using Bonuses to Increase your Affiliate Sales'


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