Thursday, October 11, 2007

Backlinks - emulate your competitors for success

Backlinks - links on other websites linking back to yours - are hugely important in your quest for high search engine rankings. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the higher-ranked your site will be. So, what are high-quality backlinks? A high-quality backlink:

1. Is listed on a high-PR (Google Page Rank) website engaged in activity that is relevant to your niche
2. Has relevant Link Anchor text that contains your target keywords

Let's break down these two points and talk about them further:

1. The fact of the matter is that a high-PR site's backlinks count much more to your own ranking than a site with a low PR (or none at all). After all, high-PR sites are considered 'authority' sites in their niches, and therefore, any links from them to you will be that much more valuable when google is ranking your page. And, high-PR sites that contain many of the same keywords as your site are the kinds of link partners you want to have.

2. Let's talk about link anchor text for a moment. If you do some backlink analysis of high-ranking sites (and I'll walk you through that shortly), you will notice that their backlinks tend to contain their targeted keywords, not 'click here' or some other unrelated term. Here's the bottom line: the more backlinks to your site you have that have anchor text containing your keywords, the better your own ranking for those keywords will be.

For example: if we requesting a backlink from another site back to our website, it always pays to suggest to the website's webmaster the keywords you want to have in your link anchor:

good: Please visit the following website for more information on dog training.
bad: For a great website on dog training, click here.

The more backlinks to your site that contain your targeted keywords, the higher your ranking will be. Simple as that.

And, if you can emulate your competitors backlinking strategy - by getting the people who link to them to also link to you using the same keywords - then you will skyrocket in the search engine rankings.

Next lesson will be how to do backlink analysis on a website to find out who links to them - I'll show you the manual way, then present an awesome SEO tool that I use to do the work for me in a tenth of the time. Stay tuned for more!


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ficen said...

thank u for your explanations.
i created an affiliate website and i've just started to write my article pages. i wrote a few articles and linked to one of my product pages. then, i took a look on google toolbar for a backward links check, but it said that it didn't match any web pages. i.e. there were no links back to my product page. what's wrong with my back links. can u help me? thank u.