Sunday, October 28, 2007

How to Implement Peel Away Ads on your Websites

Everyone understands the importance of advertisements - it's how you get your product exposed to your customers. However, most forms of Internet advertisements these days have are essentially invisible to most website visitors - years of conditioning have made most people ignore banners, or reflexively close those annoying popups that accost you from every corner when viewing many websites.

Most people have a reflexive reaction to most Internet advertising - they either ignore your banner, or get mad at your repeated popups, pop-unders, and all the other annoying - and intrusive - methods used by online marketers to get your attention.

However, there is a new form of advertising that is showing a large measure of success - and popularity - on the Net these days. These are called 'peel away' ads. You've probably seen them before on some websites. Essentially, the ad consists of a graphic that looks like a 'peeled back' section of your webpage, usually in the upper left or right nad corner of your webpage. This 'peel' graphic is usually animated, and you can see something hiding underneath it.

When you mouse over this section with your mouse, the 'peel' peels back further and reveals an adversitement.

This is an extremely exciting - and effective - method of advertisement. Most people are intrigued when they see that little corner of your webpage peeling away, and will reflexively mouse over the area to see what's underneath it. I know I do. Instead of 'pushing' itself in front of you like pop-overs or pop-unders do, the peel-away ad 'pulls' your attention to it, which gets you to focus 100% on what is going on with the ad. That's a pretty successful ad, in my book.

The concept of the 'peel away' ad was invented by Internet Marketing superstars Harris Fellman and his business partner Richard Osterude. They have created a product called Peel Away Ads that will let you create and install a peel away ad on your website. The product is inexpensive, easy to use, and extremely powerful:

  • You can install Peel Away Ads on an unlimited number of domains
  • There's a piece of cake 'Set and Forget' setup. If you're not an HTML person, worry not - the set up is easy enough to use that you'll be able to set it up yourself (or have me do it - see my special offer below)
  • You can set it up to rotate multiple peel-away ads on the same page - great if you want to run multiple ads - or are selling ad space on your site.
  • Peel Away Ads is supported by 98% of all web browsers - so almost everyone will see your ads. Those that can't won't notice anything different about your webpage.

So, if you want to increase your ad profitability and blow away your competition, check out Peel Away Ads now.

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Sam said...

Does this type of advertising medium still convert? I just find them annoying, plus they slow down my websites.