Saturday, October 27, 2007

Using Bonuses to Increase your Affiliate Sales

Successful Internet marketers understand the power of offering bonuses to create a buying incentive for their customers. Bonuses are a good way to get your prospects to:

Sign up for your Newsletter Bonuses are a great way to incentivize your prospects to join your newsletter. Sure mare sure you keep providing them value once they've signed up to start building a relationship with them.

Purchase your Product If your customer is unsure about purchasing your products, adding bonus products with a high perceived value to your offer will help them make a buying decision.

Sign up for your Teleseminar If you are having a difficult time getting people to commit to attending your teleseminars, then offering bonuses will help them make the decision. If you do this, save a bonus for the end of the teleseminar and let your attendees that the bonus will only be revealed at the end of the event.

By offering bonuses, you give your prospect an incentive to make a buying decision or to provide you their name and email address.

The key with bonuses is to make them valuable and relevant to the product you are packaging them with. If your bonuses don't relate to what you are trying to sell, your customers will perceive less value in them and not be as motivated to buy.

Where to Find Bonuses

There are several ways to find bonuses to package with your product.

Valuable Public Domain Information A great place to look is the public domain. Search the Internet for 'Public Domain' for more information or use this software to give you a good start with the process. Find some information that is valuable and relevant, and repackage it as an eBook.

Relevant Free eBooks There are tons of free ebooks online that you can use freely for bonuses. Again, search google for more information. Make sure to take a good look at the content you find as not all of it is good - some stuff I've seen is barely intelligible.

Resellable eBooks Many eBooks you purchase often have a license agreement that permits them to be packaged as bonuses with other products. If you find or own some ebooks that you'd like to repackage with your product, purchase them, and take a look at them - usually the license will be printed in bold letters somewhere at the beginning of the document. If not, contact the owner of the text and tell them you'd like to repackage their ebook as a bonus. They'll usually agree for some small percentage of the sale price. Alternatively, only consider ebboks that have a resale license when you purchase them. There's plenty of them out there.

Resellable Software There's tons of niche software on the Internet that comes with resellable rights. These are great to sell for a few bucks on your website or offer as bonus packages for your main product. I love these because you can price them cheaply for ann easier sale, and they usually provide great value for the task you're trying to accomplish. Make sure to take a good look at them before you package them with your product to make sure that they are of good quality.

My Favorite Bonuses

My favorite bonuses to give away are fron a membership site I belong to called Affiliate Land Mine. This site is fantastic. Every month, they provide you with a new set of products that you can either sell on your website, or package as bonuses. Not only that, but they also provide you with free bonuses that you can give away to your prospects! They also provide all the support stuff - banners, articles, bonus html, thank you page html, whole reseller sites to market the products, everything.

And the best part is that the products update monthly, so you'll always have a fresh new set of products to sell. Since you get resell rights, you keep 100% of the profits. Even better, you can brand these products with your own affiliate ID. Since the products contain links to other products - and some really nice upsells - if your customers - or THEIR customers - buy anything, YOU get the commission (your customers don't get to rebrand the products).

You can sign up for the service for either $19.95 per month, or a lifetime $197 membership. The value you get for that money is pretty incredible, I think. If you need a place to get new products or bonuses every month, Affiliate Land Mine is the perfect place to go.

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