Monday, October 22, 2007

Keep Clear Objectives in Mind When Designing Your Web Pages

Expert web page designers understand the importance of creating web pages that have clear objectives and actions for viewers to take. Whether it’s that the viewer read an article, click on an ad, opt-in to a newsletter, or purchase a product, it is important that these objectives be considered when creating your web pages.

When designing your web page, think about the end result in mind. Do you want your viewer to opt-in to newsletter? Then make the newsletter sign-up form the primary element of your web page, and don’t give your viewer other options – at least prominently. Do you want your viewer to purchase your product? Then make that the only link on that page.

It helps to analyze a page by the number of outgoing links to identify what actions are possible from that page. Then, work to minimize the number of unnecessary links to other pages – especially if they are displayed prominently near your primary viewer target (sign up form, sales offer, etc.). Design your page to focus all of your user’s attention upon what you want them to do.

This approach to link reduction may not be the best idea in websites that strictly provide information. In that environment, you want the ability to navigate information quickly and effectively.

However, when it comes to web pages that are designed for marketing purposes, the most effective method is to provide the viewer with one option – for example, opt-in or leave. This type of approach minimizes the viewer’s available choices and drives them towards the action you want them to take.

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