Saturday, October 20, 2007

Using Press Releases to Promote your Website

Press releases are an incredibly powerful and little-known method of promoting your products and services. Do you want to get noticed by at leasy 10,000 people overnight? Create a press release. Ever notice that press releases are listed above the first result on a Google search? That's the power of a press release.

The key with press releases is to make them newsworthy and not fluff. For example, a press release about how great your product is would not be acceptable. But, a PR about your charitable contributions, or an independent survey done by your company confirming an authority source on some important issue in your niche would certainly be.

This brings up a great technique to use if you are wondering what to write your press release about. The technique is this: find an authority organization in your field - one who releases facts about your industry. Then, create a survey to verify some fact about your industry. Run this survey on your website, or poll your newsletter subscribers.

Then, create a press release that either confirms the statistic released by the authority site, or not. Make sure to appropriately name-drop the authority organization in the press release to lend yourself credibility.

This powerful technique both effectively generates a newsworthy press release, and creates tons of creadibility for yourself and your site as an expert and authority in your field.

Here's a very generic example of a press release done in this fashion:

"ABC Company Announced today announced that an independent polling of a sample of their online visitor base confirmed DEF Organization's survey last year that 100% of people will eventually die. While not scientifically accurate, as only a small number of people were surveyed by ABC compared to DEF's extensive research, the findings do lend credibility to DEF's recommendation that people not panic wholescale and hide under a rock.

For more information about ABC company and this survey, please visit"

To put out your press release, use - they have a free service that works nicely, but their premium, paid service will get you more exposure.

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