Saturday, October 20, 2007

Four ways of monetizing your website traffic

There are several way to profit from your website traffic. Most of us are familiar with CPA - Cost Per Acquisition. IN this scenario, but are paid if a prospect from your website acquires (purchases) a product promoted by you as an affiliate. But did you know that you can also make money from gathering a Zip code?

CPL - or Cost Per Lead - is another method of capitalizing on your website traffic. There are many companies who will pay you up to a dollar simply for gathering a zip code. In this scenario, you may act as a squeeze page to gather a zip code so that a health care provider can provide localized information for their products.

If you gather a name and email, other companies will pay you up to a dollar and fifty cents, sometimes more. Many different industries, such as the banking industry with credit card offers, the health industry, and others will pay you for qualified leads.

Other methods of capitalizing on your traffic include CPT - Cost Per Trial. In this scenario, you are getting paid if someone signs up for a trial of someone else's service. These are often free trials, but you get paid regardless of whether the person remains a member of that site of not.

Finally, CPC - or Cost Per Click - is a model many of us are familiar with. The biggest example of this is Google AdWords. In this scenario, you are paid every time someone clicks an ad that is displayed on your web page. CPC is a great supplemental method of making money, no matter what other method you may already be using.

Successful marketers often use a combination of techniques to achieve their goals, and superstar marketers know how to examine a niche and quickly determine the best and most profitable methods of doing business there. This is part of what makes them so successful.

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